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Businesses thrive or fail on the quality of their people, so effective recruiting is essential to your business outcomes. The real challenge for many has been how or where do they find and hire the talent that will best enhance their culture and bottom line?

According to data gathered by Monster, the following are the primary three concerns related to the recruiting process cited by HR professionals:

– Evaluation of candidates during the interview (41%)

– Timely recognizing potential candidates promptly (40%)

– Effectively screening candidates before the interview (36%)

While considering the most important aspects for your business’ productivity and ultimate success, the recruitment process should be quick, convenient, inexpensive, and most-importantly, beneficial by proactively seeking out the right people.

The leading cause of all talent challenges revolves around hiring the wrong people which can cost companies an average of $240,000 in hiring, onboarding, and salary per year per wrong hire. The simple fact is that it’s costly to bring on talent that won’t stay or worse, not further the innovation needed to make your company thrive in the years that follow.

81% of small and medium-sized companies reported making bad hires, with more than half reporting that bad hires increase the stress on their existing teams.

Inspiration Global is best positioned to find the best candidate for your business needs because we can also help you improve your hiring process, hire faster, and hire better. For employers, access to great technical talent is the single hardest aspect of hiring. And this is exactly what Inspiration Global provides: an on-demand pipeline of high-quality job-seekers. Our recruiters have a vast database of candidates. We own and utilize tools and technology to scan the nation for the right candidates. We provide value-added screening – pre, post, and technical.

We will quickly send you qualified profiles of candidates, who fit your requirements. Leverage the expertise and connections of IG to find the right person for the job. IG also provides professional services solutions that lower operating costs while gaining efficiencies.

“We are pleased to be associated with Inspiration Talent, a trust-worthy recruitment partner. Inspiration Talent has helped us over the past many years in identifying and recruiting highly-skilled and talented young professionals. Inspiration Talent has a commendable understanding of talent which we need in our team and that too in a short span. Its team is smart, well organized, and equipped with the market expertise to support us. We look forward to an evolving relationship with Inspiration Talent.”

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